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Specification: Orbital Platform #1.
« on: June 20, 2012, 04:06:34 am »
Quote from: His Lordship, The Baron MEEKS’ Department Of Security
His Lordship Edwin MEEKS, Lord Baron of Mixan, desires the development of an orbital platform for the defense and security of his realm, well-equipped for monitoring, recording, and relaying information of interest to the Lord Baron and, if requisite, the interdiction of intruders upon his realm. All interested parties should submit a specification with greatest possible urgency to his Highness, with great preference to the use of Standardiᵶed Construction Technologies (commonly referred to as the Systemex or “System X”).
Using any SystemX or compatible components, design an unmanned space plane equipped both as a spy and fighter platform. I’d prefer if they could be built with a minimum of cutting, sanding, and gluing, and deployed (at least in terms of wingspan and height) from a standard Jet Liner (such as set #431Ø “Jet Plane”) without disassembly (however, even these “requirements” are just suggestions). It does have to have some sort of legs, wheels, struts, landing gear, or etc. (anything will do) that do NOT have to be modified.
Please submit your design to me by PM; When the time comes I’ll post all of the acceptable entries into a thread with a poll. (If you submit an entry that does not meet standard, fear not- I will be more than happy to send it back with an explanation of what is wrong and allow you to fix it.) You (the members) will vote for the winning entry. A picture is worth a 1,ØØØ words, but is NOT required for entry. Though it would help, it will not be the only consideration; It is most important is to have an explanation on how to build it.