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Re: Melee Combat
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...The player who moves first, does he also attack first after all moves are made by both sides? 

The player who moves first can also attack first, but the he need not wait for both sides to have moved.

If yes, then the advantage will always go to the player who moves and attacks first.  And in further Turns, the 2nd player will always lose troops before he can attack.

Perhaps it is true that the person who attacks first will have the advantage, however, the first person to attack is not necessarily the first person to move. The armies should not start out so close that each player can reach the other in one move.
There should be enough space between the armies that the players can modify certain troop positions once the game has begun (although not so much that the players can completely rearrange their armies). In this way even if player 2 is not the first to attack he has the capacity to prepare for the attack and perhaps make it work in his favor.

What if the 1st Turn is as written, and in future Turns, the player who inflicted the most 'kills' in that Turn becomes the '1st Turn' for the next Turn.  And if this happens to be the current '1st Turn' player or in the case that both player's have the same number of 'kills', then the 1st Turn player remains as such.

I see what you are saying, but what advantage does this system have over the current one? It sounds a little complex for a game I am trying to keep on the simpler end of the spectrum. ???

Also, please start numbering your rules as version 1 or 3 or whatever.  This will help those of us who have downloaded past and future re-writes..

Will do! I was starting to get turned around myself...

A great set of rules, simple and yet workable.

Thank you very much for the compliment, and your comments/concerns. I was to make this game as best as it can be, so all advice is welcome. :)

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