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Playmobil Victorian Theme Revisited
« on: February 28, 2009, 04:39:58 pm »
Hi Guys,

Very happy to be here !!!

I have joined thanks to an invitation from a Member who enjoyed my Playmobil Victorian Customized Auctions on Ebay so much she invited me her and I very look forward to sharing ideas and suggestions as well as discussing the Victorian Theme in general...

A little introduction about me...I am a Hotel Manager in his early forties and always has been a kid at heart and believe it or not, when the amazing Victorian was first released in France in the Spring of 1990, I spent a little fortune on the large house with all the sets from my first salaries. Even at that time it was expensive by all means but the quality and the thoughts that Playmobil put in the Victorian Theme was just outstanding and still is.

I then moved a lot from country to country for my job and my lovely Victorian House has been asleep for nearly 20 years in my Mumms house in South of France until...checking Ebay in 2008 for something totally different, I came accross the Victorian Theme and fell in love again. I knew I wanted a perfect example of the House and found it all furnished and immaculate from a fellow Ebayer from the Isle of Wight...

I was soon inspired to customize it to bring the Theme to a " second life " and after a lot of research, mistakes and excitements, I now fully enjoy accessorizing these beautiful sets with custom made Swag curtains, exquiste food items, etc.

I decided a few weeks ago to put a few sets on Ebay as I was curious about the reactions and interests it would bring and I was jsut taken by storm by what came next - requests from all over the world, numerous questions, each item visited up to 400 times and record selling. I had mainly brought my sets to inspire fellow Victorian House owners but what happened then has amazed me beoynd words and still does.

The ''Je ne sais quoi" little touch I have added to the Theme was for my own enjoyment but now that I have the possiblity to share my originality and creativity with other enthusiastic members, I am more than happy to do so...

I very much look forward engaging with you Guys !!!

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Re: Playmobil Victorian Theme Revisited
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2009, 04:59:36 pm »

A BIG welcome from Fort Lauderdale, Karim ...
(I'm in Florida today, but I'm usually in the US Virgin Islands.)

Looking forward to seeing more of you here at GW-PC.

Thanks for joining us.

All the best,