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Title: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on December 15, 2013, 05:08:49 PM
Monbil is one of the oldest Kingdoms in Cycondrill. It used to house the largest empire the world had ever seen (In the 2nd Age). They were the first people to come from the Old Continent by boat. They worshiped the God Drareg and established an Empire in his name, The Grand Holy Empire of Monbil.The first city established on Cycondrill was the city of Targaard, however, the city grew old and became ruins after 1000 years. The cities of Koradvald and Mon were also established and Mon became it's capital. Monbil fought many wars against Donbile and don't trust them at all even in the Modern Era. Monbil in the Modern Era is a corrupt country that is obsessed with it's military and power. It's king, King Yagr Tridus III, sends military forces into the East of Donbile to provoke it and destroys any 'secret' organisation in it's territories. The map bellow shows Monbil in the Modern Era. To the West is Donbile, South is Sonnerbil and the East is the United Republics of Playmobia. On the first day of the 2nd Era the remnants of a old civilization landed in the Bay of Monbil (Just North of Targaard). That is one of the most sacred spots in the whole of Cycondrill.
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on December 16, 2013, 05:46:23 PM
When it gets lighter outside i'll post some pictures of my Monbilian customs. Also I will be making this part of my Table Top Playmobil-Role Playing Project. In which I am a male Donbilian who has found his way into the West of Monbil (This is set at the start of the Second Age, a medieval type setting). I'll create a new post on General about the rules etc. (
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: henry_martini on December 22, 2013, 04:37:59 AM
I can't wait to see this evolving.  :)
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on December 22, 2013, 11:50:19 AM
Here is my RPG Character....Hafor Bergscen!

Birth Place: Bergstadt, East Donbile, Second Age

Specialities: Single Handed Combat, basic Archery, Running and Shouting

Hafor, born in a small village in East Donbile, lived a simple life until he was 17. That was when his town was raided by Bandits. They saw no mercy and killed Hafor’s friends and family before burning down every building. Hafor managed to escape the massacre and fled down mountain and crossed the border into what is now Monbil. He sought a new life in the city of Jralgrieg becoming a blacksmith. He forged a master piece, a one handed sword studded with Rubies and Gold, which he gave to his master. After 2 more years living in Jralgrieg his master died and handed the sword down to him. Not knowing what to do, Hafor decided to travel to the city of Koradvald but on the way he was ambushed by Barbarians. He drew his sword and defeated each one. That was when he decided he should become an Adventurer, and he should travel the lands of Monbil looking for new places to discover and areas to explore.
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on December 22, 2013, 11:54:41 AM
The main fighting force of the Grand Holy Empire of Monbil is the Knights of Drareg. These knights made an oath to protect and serve the Emperor and Drareg until they die. They fought in huge armies storming much of north Cycondrill.
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on December 22, 2013, 11:58:07 AM
The Knights of Monbil are just ordinary soldiers wearing the Heraldry Symbol of Monbil, A Lion. These men fought and died protecting and conquoring lands in Cycondrill. They made an oath to the Emperor of Monbil and not to Drareg unlike the Knights of Drareg.
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on January 03, 2014, 12:25:11 AM
I decided that i'l post some things about the later lore of Monbil.

After the discovery of Cycondrill Cavern in the year 10,372 2nd Age, Donbile grew in wealth and power due to the Crystals found in the cavern. Donbile sent one of it's large fleets just north of Monbil to provoke it. The Donbilian Admirals got more than they bargained for when Monbil sent a large fleet of its own to fight Donbile. War was declared between the two nations and the war became known as the Capadon War, due to the war mainly being fought in the Capadon Sea and on small islands. This war saw massive uses of Battleships, Aircraft and bombs, mainly Epsylon Bombs.
Epsylon Bombs (Or Epsilon Bombs) are similar to Atom Bombs but do not cause any damage to the Ozone layer of the Atmosphere. The bomb uses a Modern Era contraption to harness magic which includes several generators that charge the bomb (inside the generators are electrical pulses that multiply 'Magicka Atoms' for use. Magicka Atoms are unexplained and are thought to just be a part of the universe.).
*NOTE* The reason why magic WASN'T used in wars in the 2nd Age (With the exception of the Mages of Tragen) was because the way to harness it through one person was forgotten by the men from the Old Continent. The second reason is because Magic is pretty useless compared to, lets say a musket or a machine gun.
The war droned on for 3 years and had no clear winner and was regarded as a waste of lives. It saw devistating weapons used against one another and hole armies getting wiped out. A major battle in the Capadon War was the Battle of Garroth Island. The island was frozen and clear of life and was fought over by Monbilian and Donbilian forces for 3 weeks in trench warfare while constantly being shelled by navel forces. The reason for both sides wanting the island is because it had loads of Ericalǔm in its Glaciers. Ericalǔm is a naturally found compound material that has Magicka atoms inside it and is used to create Epsylon Bombs. The battle was overly won by Donbile but both sides lost thousands.

Around 50 years after the Capadon War, the Monbilian High Commander found Donbile's resources desirable and recruited one of the largest armies since the Grand Holy Empire of Monbil. The Commander then sent out orders for major cities in East Donbile to be bombed such as Bergstadt before sending out it's Armed Forces to capture the cities and expand Monbil's territory. Monbil declared war of Donbile and the war became known as the First War of Recollection. This war saw thousands of Military and Civilian casualties.
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on January 18, 2014, 11:41:10 PM
This is my work in progress map of Cycondrill (I have removed some countries and will add some so I will change the Playmobil Nations! Topic).
Sorry it's a bit big.
NOTE: This map is the 3rd Millennia Map not the Modern Era Map, the 3rd Millennia is when the Playmobil Table Top RPG is set in.
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on January 26, 2014, 12:44:34 PM
This is a Monbilian Shock Trooper during the War of Recollection. Sorry for bad quality, I can't get the picture down to 128 KB without making it smaller. I'l try and fix it. The full size image will be avalible on my website at (
Title: Re: Monbilian Knights and Lore!
Post by: Playmoguy on January 26, 2014, 12:59:11 PM
This is 2 Donbilian Soldiers during the War of Recollection.