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Title: Baronial Investigators
Post by: Andy R on June 06, 2012, 03:42:59 am
Baronial Investigators

__Charged with finding the enemies of Barons MEEKS, the Baronial Investigators rarely carry much in the way of weapons or other equipment; Type-5 Modular body armor for protection and Type-4 pistols (3Ø Ø4 589Ø) as standard equipment, and Type-1 Rifles (3Ø 27 636Ø) available upon request.
__The Baronial Investigators’ leader is Earl Sir James RUTTAN, whose original duties was merely to serve as Lord Baron MEEKS’ Champion; During Jousting and other tournaments, the Lord Baron himself could not participate (the Lord Baron serves as Judge of Rules for the tournament), so Earl JONES would fight for the Lord Baron. However, over time their duties expanded to arresting those suspected of plotting against the Lord Baron.
__Oddly, the Investigators lost a major battle in the so-called “Funding Wars” (the long series of intrigues wherein the various agencies and factions vied for funding). They didn’t even get half of what other factions got, BUT they got funding for Ø6 cars (there are only Ø6 Investigators currently) and Ø3 Type-1 Rifles, even though they “technically” don’t need them. They also got a higher wage than Baronial Security, though not as high as Baronial Protection. They ended up with the highest per-capita spending (partly because they are the smallest element of the Baron’s security forces).
__Earl Sir James RUTTAN, fifteenth Earl of useless junk!: In the days when Mixan was a ranch world, useless junk! was a smaller slave-inspection center; Prospective slaves were brought there to be examined for fitness for export. They’d then be bussed off to the flight center for shipment off-world or destroyed on site. As a result, useless junk! has a rather large mortuary industry, though much of it was purely utilitarian until the Fall of the Overlords.
__Of the Great Houses of the Overlord era, only the RUTTANS remain largely intact, mainly owing to the fact that in the era of the Overlords the RUTTANS were not responsible for inspection, merely disposal; Their hands were clean of the horrors of the Overlords.
__Sir James continues the family traditions, but has left the family business to younger members, pursuing much more important things; Shoring up the Lord Baron’s Velvet Glove/Iron Fist rulership. The only way to peace on Mixan was to ensure ONE Baron ruled supreme above all others; The RUTTAN family’s business has suffered for the lack of the ongoing wars and uprisings, but then they’ve also profited in new ventures (including selling of burial rites materials to interested clientele). Sir James stands firmly with the Lord Baron- And thus, his House has profited for it.
Torso of: Swan Soldier (3Ø ØØ 445Ø)
Legs Of: Policeman, Green-Brown Uniform (3Ø ØØ 727Ø)
Arms: Any White Arms with exposed hands; White, black, or other
Cuffs: White (3Ø Ø6 731ØØ)
Cover: Not Determined
Belt: Belt with holster (3Ø Ø8 465Ø)
Age: Adult; Sex: Male
Facial hair
silver scale mail
Light skintone
Creased pants
Unknown style
Clothes, non-removable
__Other Comments: Yes, I know his belt and cuffs are wrong; I’m currently working on that. I haven’t yet decided what type of cover they will have, but they will (eventually). I’m thinking something that matches the torso and is still available most likely.